school got me for now nope
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birthdays; 0812- Luna's birthday♥
-keyboard lesson
-eat & sleep
-rewatch killing camp!
-running man
-rewatch tadah!

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you are not alone
Minnie. B.A.P & EXO & f(5) ladies.

i listened to the rain
pour onto the pavement
proclaiming a dark symphony
it cascaded from clouds
and ruptured on objects

i recall how rain droplets are tainted as they foolishly collide with
the ground

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[TRANS] Daehyun answered a Question on Official Japanese mobile site


Q: Daehyun Oppa ♥! I am studying Korean right now! If it’s ok, could you please teach me some of Daehyun Oppa’s favourite Korean words, or things I should remember? 
Daehyun: This is Busan dialect, “Oppaya~ Onuru jukindae~”* (Oppa is seriously cool today~), and I would be especially happy if you used it, ok (laughs)  
Trans by Nicole & Jiwon @ bapyessir.com
Aug 29 +418